As well as AGL | Perth Energy’s gas, electricity and Carbon Neutral offering, our team can recommend a range of energy solutions designed to help commercial and industrial businesses operate more efficiently.


Cost-effective ways to achieve your sustainability goals.

Our Commercial Solar and Power Factor Correction (PFC) products can help you lower your business’s energy costs by reducing the amount of energy you draw from the grid, which means you’ll also be reducing grid-electricity related carbon emissions.

As well as the cost and environmental benefits of solar and PFC, our carbon neutral offering allows you to offset the carbon emissions associated with the lifecycle of those products such as manufacturing, installation, maintenance and disposal of energy-related equipment.

Our PFC product is supplied Carbon Neutral by default, making your positive impact even greater. With Commercial Solar, you have the option to add Carbon Neutral and offset the emissions associated with the entire lifecycle of your solar system.

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Electricity & Gas

We can tailor any of our gas or electricity plans to suit your commercial or industrial business. Leverage our experience and expertise as we continue to provide more choice and value in the Western Australian market.

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Carbon Neutral

By switching to more sustainable energy solutions, your business could play its part in actively working to make a difference. To help make more sustainable energy choices, we’ve created an easy-to-use energy option available for commercial and industrial businesses like yours: Carbon Neutral.

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Commercial Solar

Deciding to go solar with AGL | Perth Energy means end-to-end support from our team, including working through grid connection, statutory approvals and applications for available incentives, as well as access to a solar monitoring solution.

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Power Factor Correction

Networks charge large businesses for the demand they place on the electricity grid. So if you’re being charged a network demand charge, it could pay to understand your power factor.

This could lead to a reduction in the amount you pay in network demand charges by improving your power factor and correcting supply inefficiencies. Our team can advise on the best equipment for your business.

Delivering value in energy services.

We offer a full range of wholesale energy trading and management services for commercial and industrial customers in the Western Australian market. We have the experience and resources to deliver the energy demand, supply and certification services you need.

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Local team, world-class capabilities

Our team’s capabilities stem from years of experience in the Western Australian energy markets across energy trading, certification services, settlement services, data analytics and reporting, and energy sourcing strategies including Power Purchase Agreements.

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Access all industry segments

We are here to assist large commercial and industrial clients in Western Australia, and can support industry players of all sizes, across all segments providing tailored solutions.