Billing & Payments

Is there a change to my tariffs if my supply agreement with AGL | Perth Energy has ended?

Yes – an interim tariff that is the Standard Continuing Tariff, is applied to your account and takes effect when your supply agreement with AGL | Perth Energy has ended and you continue to use electricity without entering into a new supply agreement with AGL | Perth Energy.

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Are there any concessions available?

AGL | Perth Energy does not offer any concession for our energy customers as the energy rebate for gas and electricity usage is funded by the State Government and is administered by Synergy through your Synergy electricity account. If you hold a valid government concession such as a Seniors’ Card (State Government), Health Care Card, a Pensioner Concession Card or a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Card, you may be eligible for this rebate. For more information, visit the Synergy website.

What are the payment options available?

Available payment methods include BPAY® (your reference number is your AGL | Perth Energy Account Number, please refer to your Invoice), Direct DebitCheque payments and Pay Online.

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Please note that transaction fees apply for payments made via:
– Credit card/ Debit card/ Mastercard: 0.70% incl GST
– American Express: 2.75% incl GST

Can I have separate invoicing?

Yes, we can cater to businesses with multiple sites that require individual billing. Our flexible contracts and billing terms offer a range of options that can be customised to suit your business requirements, get in touch with us today to find out more.

Electricity & Gas

How much can my business save?

You could save up to 20% (based on gazetted tariffs) on your business energy bills when you switch to us. Actual savings is dependent on business energy usage pattern and applicable current tariffs. Get a free quote today to find out how much you could save.

How reliable is the supply?

Your business gas and electricity is supplied through the same network and pipes regardless of your energy provider. Because it is the same gas and electricity, there is no change to the quality and reliability of the supply.

Can I track my business energy usage?

Yes, when you sign up with AGL | Perth Energy, you will be able to view and track your business energy usage anytime, anywhere through MyAccount. AGL | Perth Energy’s MyAccount enables businesses to easily manage their energy account online.

Who should I call if my business experiences a power outage?

In the event of any electricity faults and emergencies, power outages, or for estimated restoration times, please call Western Power at 13 13 51 (24 hours).

Where does AGL | Perth Energy's gas supply come from?

We source gas from various gas generators in Western Australia to ensure supply reliability. When you switch energy retailer, your business gas continue to be supplied through the same network and pipes, and is no different to other retailers such as Alinta and Kleenheat. Because it is the same gas, there is no change to the quality and reliability of the supply.

Who do I call if there's a fault with gas at my business?

In the event of any gas supply faults and emergencies, or if you can smell gas, please call ATCO at 13 13 52 (24 hours).


How do I get started?

It’s simple! To find out if solar is a good energy solution for your business, simply request a free quote for solar and we will:

– Assess and analyse your business requirements and energy usage patterns
– Conduct a site visit and prepare a proposal
– Submit all the necessary applications on your behalf
– Commission your system and your business can start to save!

What are the potential savings of using solar?

The actual savings your business will gain will depend on each site’s load profile and the size of the solar system. We have worked with businesses in the past who have seen savings of up to 20%.

Our Energy Advisors will be able to assess and analyse your business needs and energy usage patterns, and provide a recommendation and quotes for your specific site at no cost. Get in touch with us to request a quote.

Is solar the right choice for my business?

Solar is a viable and excellent green energy solution for businesses in Perth and WA. Regardless of whether you are a AGL | Perth Energy customer, we are able to assist with your solar requirements.

The question is often what is the best solution and set up for your business. Our Energy Advisors will assess and analyse your business needs and energy usage patterns to provide a recommendation and quotes for your specific site at no cost. In getting started, here are some questions to consider:

– Do you use electricity during the daytime on most days?
– Do you have space on your roof – no obstructions such as air conditioning or asbestos?
– Do you own your business site or facility – if not, you may require approval from the owner

Get in touch with us to find out more or request a quote.

What is the cost of installing solar?

The costs of installing solar systems vary depending on business requirements and location. Our Energy Advisors will be able to assess and analyse your business needs and energy usage patterns, and provide quotes for your specific site at no cost.

In addition, financial arrangements are available for solar installations. Options include purchasing the system outright, or leasing the systems (pay out over five years), or enter a Power Purchase Agreement (which means there is no upfront capital cost while your business purchase electricity produced from the system over a longer-term contract of between 10-15 years). Get in touch with us to find out more.


Can AGL | Perth Energy supply my business?

If your business spends over $13,000 annually on electricity or use more than 50MW/h of electricity per year, and your business is located within the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) region (which stretches from Kalbarri north of Perth to Kalgoorlie-Boulder in the Eastern Goldfields and south to Albany), we will be able to supply electricity to your business. If you’re unsure, simply get in touch with us.

For gas, if your business spends over $6,000 annually or use more than 180Gj per year, and is located between Dampier to Bunbury, we will be able to supply gas to your business. Get in touch with us to find out if you can switch to AGL | Perth Energy.

Is there a cost to switch energy providers?

If you are not on a fixed term contract with your current energy provider, you should not incur any cost for switching. If you have a meter that needs to be upgraded, you may be required to pay an upgrade fee to Western Power (for electricity supply) or ATCO (for gas supply).

How do I switch?

Simply request a quote online, or get in touch with us to let us know your supply address, the NMI (national meter identifier – the meter number that can be found on your current bill), and we will be in touch with you with more information and a proposal.

Where can I find my NMI or meter number?

You can find the NMI and meter number on your energy bill. If unsure, please get in touch with us and we can assist you.

Will I have to change the meter?

Depending on the type of meter you have on your business premise, there may be a need to upgrade the meter. Simply request a free quote with your meter number and we will be in touch to let you know if your meter needs to be upgraded.

How long does it take to receive a quote?

We endeavour to respond to your request for a free quote within five working days. In that time, we will assess your business requirements and analyse your current energy usage to present you with a proposal that is tailored to your business needs.

Will there be any disruption when I switch to AGL | Perth Energy?

In most cases, there are no interruptions to your power or gas supply when you switch to us. It is a simple process and we will contact your existing provider to arrange the transfer to ensure a seamless transition.

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