The Standard Continuing Tariff is applicable to all gas consumption in the following instances:

  1. As an interim tariff that will come into effect if, after your current Gas Supply Agreement with AGL | Perth Energy has passed its “Contract End Date”, and you continue to use gas without entering into a new Gas Supply Agreement with AGL | Perth Energy; and/or
  2. Where you are being supplied gas pursuant to AGL | Perth Energy’s Gas Standard Form Contract, this is price referred to as the “Contract Price”, and this paragraph forms the price element of the “Customer Schedule” referred to in that contract.

As at 1 December 2022, the Standard Continuing Tariff is as follows:

Prices exclude GST Gas Prices (Unbundled) Gas Prices (Bundled)
Consumption Tariff (per Gigajoule) $20/GJ $27.60/GJ
Daily Supply Charge $1.99 meter/day $1.99 meter/day

Please note that the Standard Continuing Tariff is subject to change periodically as published by AGL | Perth Energy.

For sites where no gas is being consumed, including sites where the supply has been disconnected but not abolished, network charges from ATCO in respect of any gas meter(s) will apply and will be passed on at cost in addition to the daily supply charge noted above. Please note that these charges are often significant and will vary from site to site.

Network charges comprise of fixed or variable charges levied by ATCO.

For a copy of our Gas Standard Form Contract, please click here.

AGL | Perth Energy reserves the right to update, change or replace the rates at any time by posting updates and/or changes to our website.

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